What Are The Types Of Bank Account?


Although most people have a bank account, that does not mean everyone knows all kinds of bank accounts and what they offer. It is easy to get lost with the different options offered by banks. So this post can be help you choose yours.

Checking Account

Checking Account

The checking account is a type of bank account that allows more transactions. In this type of account, the client can make deposits and withdrawals at any time without the need for prior notice.

In addition, the checking account is ideal for anyone who wants to use credit cards, debit cards or check stubs. The current account transactions can be accompanied by an extract – which can be withdrawn in an ATM or displayed by digital means.

Loans and financing can also be requested through the checking account. For regular workers there are two types of checking account:

Free Current Account – The Central Bank requires all banks to offer a free mode of checking account. It needs to provide basic monthly services, such as:

  • Debit card;
  • 10 check sheets;
  • 2 extracts;
  • 4 lootings (in the bank teller or ATM);
  • 2 transfers between accounts of the same bank;
  • 2 transfers between accounts with the same owner;
  • Unlimited consultations over the internet.

Current paid account (standardized service) – In this case there are two options: the customer can choose to pay each surplus tariff individually, or it is possible to opt for a surplus service package. Therefore, if the customer opts for the current account service paid, we must analyze how many extra services will be needed.

In the case of students, the banks offer another option of checking account: the university account.

University account

University account

Banks are interested in opening special accounts for students. This is based on the fact that they are likely to receive higher salaries after graduation.

The advantages offered vary according to the contracted bank. In general, the university account works as a checking account with less fees.

The advantages commonly offered are:

  • Free rates;
  • Exemption from fees;
  • Proof of income is not required;
  • You can make four withdrawals and two transfers per month (free of charge);
  • Some banks offer credit cards and overdrafts at no additional charge.

Digital Account

Digital Account


The digital or digicontact account functions as a checking account, however, the customer does not use a physical agency. Transactions can be made online, as well as 24-hour ATMs.


Salary Account


Salary Account

The wage bill is opened by the employer at the bank in which he wishes to deposit the employee’s salary. The account is free and the employee can request the transfer – also free of charge – of the salary to his checking account.

The services provided by the salary account are:

  • magnetic card;
  • account maintenance;
  • 5 withdrawals per deposited salary;
  • 2 monthly statements;


Savings account


Savings account

In Brazil, the savings account is the most used investment. When opening this type of account, the person has the goal of saving money, so it is not possible to receive salary in the savings account.

In addition, it has only a few basic monthly functions:

  • 2 serves;
  • 2 transfers;
  • 2 extracts.

Anyone can open a savings account – even if they are down – and banks can not charge fees for this service.

Savings usually yield 0.5% per month.


Savings Account: What Is It, What Is It For And How Does It Yield?


Savings account or savings account is the most popular and traditional financial investment among Brazilians.

This type of account is made to save and save money, unlike the current account, used to receive salary and make payments.

To apply savings, it is not necessary to have a minimum value. It is also exempt from income tax and IOF (financial transaction tax).

The profitability of savings is defined by the Central Bank, that is, it yields the same in any bank .

How does the savings account pay off?



Since 2012, it has been renumbered through two factors:

  • The investment pays 70% of the Selic rate when interest rates are down (up to 8.5% per year).

The Selic is the basic rate of the economy in Brazil defined every 45 days by the COPOM (Monetary Policy Committee of the Central Bank of Brazil). Being the most important of all, it serves as a parameter for other rates.

  • When it is rising, the yield is 0.5% per month plus TR (Referential Rate).

The TR is another interest rate defined by the CB. It influences not only savings but other financial investments. It is calculated based on the average profitability of the CDBs (Certificate of Deposit), another type of investment, of the 30 largest financial institutions in Brazil.

You can calculate today’s TR by using the Citizen’s Calculator from the Central Bank’s website.

What are the risks?

 What are the risks?


Savings are a very low risk investment. However, if the bank in your account goes bankrupt, the government reimburses up to R $ 60,000 of the amount applied.

How to open savings account?

 How to open savings account?


To open a savings account, you need to submit three documents:

  • Identity document;
  • CPF;
  • Proof of address;

No need to prove income or pay taxes. In this way, it is easy to open a savings account for minors. In this case, the legal guardian must accompany the young person in the opening process at the bank.

As the account holder, you are entitled to:

  • 2 withdrawals per month;
  • 2 transfers per month to another account in your name;
  • 2 extracts per month;
  • Account access via the internet;

Although the savings account income is very low compared to other applications, it still remains a safe investment to save money without loss.



Mini Instant Payday Loans


Apply for a small loan : You need short-term and urgent money? Then a small loan is ideal for you! All information for a mini loan or small loan in Austria can be found here! Visit angsecyp.org for a summary

Apply for credit up to 600 € immediately


  • Mini loan with immediate payment record
    • direct Banking
    • Loan sums of small or mini loans
    • line of credit
  • How do you get a microcredit?
  • What is to be considered?


Mini Loan with Immediate Payment Record

 Mini Loan with Immediate Payment Record

Cashper offers credit in minutes for a maximum of € 600 online. You can take these small loans with a duration of 15, 30 or 60 days. Here you will find all the details of this offer !

What is behind the term small loan or mini loan. In practice, a small loan of € 500 to a maximum of € 3,000 is awarded. In banking, the theoretical maximum loan amount is € 10,000.

One calls this credit also housewife credit. In fact, the small loan is a installment loan, which differs from the conventional installment credit only by the lower loan amount. The credit line is too expensive. The alternative is the microcredit. With cheaper rates and sometimes low monthly installments, this type of loan is very popular with individuals. For the customer, the terms, the amount of interest and the amount of the installments are decisive. These criteria are taken into account when comparing the different providers.

If a purchase is due for a new car, an expensive repair or the like, this solution is optimal. Each online provider works with different conditions, so that a comparison on the Internet is definitely worthwhile. The loan calculator of the banks gives the customer detailed information on the Internet, which bank calculates how much interest. The possibility exists to get a small loan without Schufa query, but mostly from foreign banks. The EU guidelines of the banks in Austria are similar to those in Germany, while Swiss banks act somewhat differently. What Schufa is in Germany is the KSV (Credit Protection Association) in Austria.


Direct Banking

The direct banks offer very cheap small loans with good conditions. The processing of the loan request is handled quickly and quickly by the direct banks. After just one day or even a few hours, the loan can already be approved and the loan amount transferred to the customer. A mini loan of 300.00 Euro can be taken for 60 days. Two installments are granted, the total amount repaid amounts in the example mentioned to 302.84 euros.


Loan Sums of Small or Mini Loans

The amount of the small loan varies from bank to bank. Up to 3.000,00 Euro one speaks in any case of a small loan. The standard amount is between 200 and 3,000.00 euros. For higher loan amounts direct banks are recommended. Loans without Schufa query are offered numerous on the Internet. A proof of income is enough. These loans are more expensive and harder to get. A credit check is made anyway. Often then a budget should be presented. This means that all revenue and expenditure over the past three months must be accurately stated.


Line of Credit

Small loans are usually used if the collection is overdrawn on further use. The result is huge interest rates. The credit line is thus much less favorable than a microcredit. Therefore, some consumers use the microcredit to offset the dispo on the checking account . Because of the exorbitant high interest calculation, this idea is not so bad. The small loans that are awarded with Schufa query and proof of income, usually have even cheaper interest rates than larger installment loans.

Due to the low loan amounts the risks are foreseeable, the interest charges are therefore calculated more favorably. For example, some direct banks only grant small loans that are treated as overdraft facilities. The monthly installments can be paid by the customer according to his payouts. 5% interest is currently the standard rate. Cashper awards only mini loans with a term of one or two months.


How do you get a Microcredit?


How do you get a Microcredit?


Small loans are usually not so easy to get from the house bank. You are equal to the installment credits in the settlement mode. Due to the smaller amount and the large number of people seeking credit, the house banks are reluctant to grant these loans. The savings banks offer small loans temporarily as an action. The customer then uses the Internet to make sense, because the direct banks or other lenders offer small or mini loans. There is a huge selection of money lenders here. Caution is advised, not every provider on the Internet is reputable. For some consumers, a bad Schufa entry of a borrower is in the way. Loans without KSV query (Schufa) are mostly offered by foreign banks (eg Swiss Credit ). This type of loan approval is usually accompanied by a high interest rate, because the risk is greater.

Whatever type of credit the consumer uses, the iron rule is: never pay pre-payments. This approach is extremely dubious, usually there is no credit, at most a positive credit approval, which must be confirmed by the respective banks yet. The money is gone and there is 99 percent of a credit. If no flash transfer or normal transfer is offered, but the bank documents are sent by cash on delivery, be careful. The COD charge is usually at the 100.00 Euro, in the package is worthless promotional material and a loan commitment never takes place. Small loans from private to private have recently been advertised on the Internet.

A broker mediates contact from the borrower to the lender. Here, the Schufa is not the most important source of information, but the monthly cash receipts on the account of the debtor. Of course, this type of money lending is more intended for small loans. A larger loan will be harder to get from private to private. The request and loan approval can be realized within one day.


What is to be Considered?



When comparing the loans per online, the interest charges, the terms and the monthly installments are to be considered. Long maturities for small loans are advisable as the monthly burdens are lower. It is usually possible to pay larger sums when the financial situation has improved. For employees, the Christmas or holiday money can be used to pay off the loan early. For a mini-loan, the term is usually 60 days or two monthly installments.

There can be serious differences in small loans. The comparison portals, for example, announce the ten best banks. Under these banks, the customer can then choose which bank appeals to their terms and conditions. A good indication is also that the consumer enters the loan amount and amount of installments in a mask. Then the most important information that should be considered for lending appears. Decisive in the credit inquiry is whether a Schufa query should be avoided. In this case, far more interest charges can be expected. Small loans without proof of income are very hard to get, almost hopeless. Often the interest charge depends on the creditworthiness of the customer. Reputable banks grant a right of withdrawal and free cancellation.

What To Take a Loan For


Many of us certainly happened not once before the decision to take a loan. Some people need cash to buy new consumer goods, others want to cover previous obligations or they are short on current expenses. Is credit really the best solution in every situation and will it be given to a given destination at all?  raisinrats.com has more details

When deciding on a loan, we should be aware that it is the main source of income for the bank that grants it. And the interest is exactly what we will pay with the installments. Sometimes, when a bank evaluates our financial situation, uncertain and risky interest may be high or a loan application may be rejected. Therefore, remember that if we take a loan in a specific amount, it is not exactly the amount that we will have to pay back.

Bank and non-bank loans are not free

Bank and non-bank loans are not free

Taking a loan to finance a purchase, for which we have already deposited a certain amount, we do not put ourselves at risk. In the situation of ceasing to pay installments, the bank may simply take over the fixed asset purchased by us. This is the case, for example, when we take a car loan or a home loan. The situation looks much worse when we borrow money from the bank to meet current needs or to regulate previously incurred liabilities in the form of loans or credits. Why in this case will we take cash to repay installments with interest since even the basic things we missed? In this way, we can fall into the spiral of debt creating newer and newer debts. Car loans or home loans are much easier to get when we have financial security.

The situation is similar in the case of a business loan. When we have experience and education in a specific industry and our own financial resources to start it, obtaining a loan for its co-financing will be a formality.

Will I be able to pay off the loan?

Will I be able to pay off the loan?

In summary, when taking a loan you should pay special attention to your own financial resources. You need to look at your situation from the point of view of the bank. Evaluate your own creditworthiness, i.e. how much the state of our finances will deteriorate when there is an additional charge in the form of loan installments with interest. We must also consider other ways out of our situation, ie a loan from friends and family. We should, nonetheless, refrain from undertaking any kind of obligations, especially loans for current consumption. Money intended for consumption purposes will not bring any profits in the future.

A Quick Internet Loan as Proof for Everyone

Loans and loans are very convenient. Thanks to them, you can make dreams come true, invest and save. However, the availability of tempting financial services means that it is necessary to use them in a prudent way, considering whether the financial situation is stable enough that repayment will be possible. Loans, which provide banks are considered very safe, but payday loans, due to the numerous stereotypes are considered assistance for the heavily indebted, which the bank does not want to trust financially. What is true Which customers are most likely to use fast loans in traditional and online form?

Moments on the financial services market in Poland

Moments on the financial services market in Poland

Timers are an increasingly common form of incurring a financial liability. They are used by clients coming from various social groups and using them to scamp the home budget. A very big mistake, harmful to the payday loans and their users, is perceiving them as an offer only for indebted people with financial problems. Waterpots can be useful for everyone, if only you can repay the debt later.

Classifying payday loans granted online as usury is very harmful, and unfortunately they are advertised in the media of various kinds. However, it must be remembered that loan companies can not exceed a certain interest rate, which is usually four times the lombard rate of the National Bank of Poland. The same guidelines apply to banks. When you get a good, reliable loan company that operates on the basis of the Civil Code and in accordance with the anti-usury law, you do not have to be afraid of using a shortcut . Both in its traditional and online form .

Fast money for everyone

Fast money for everyone

Online readers are very easily available. You do not have to leave your home, work or other place you like to get it. All you need to do is have a computer or a phone with an internet connection. By entering the website of the selected company, you can submit an application for a loan and send any scans of documents necessary in the process of issuing a loan decision.
Loans of this type are very often taken by clients who have all the elements that would allow them to take a loan from the bank . They have the creditworthiness and positive creditworthiness, but still prefer to take a break. Why is this happening?

This is probably due to the low requirements of non-bank companies providing payday loans. There is no need to undergo a long process of credit, folding a lot of documents, which can be troublesome especially when the client wants time. In such a situation, a quick loan via the Internet can save the situation.

However, contrary to popular opinion payday loan are not granted to everyone without exception. Renowned loan companies run a responsible policy and do not allow themselves a huge risk of lending to anyone who enters the company’s headquarters. This means that clients can be verified and checked to some extent. 

Unemployed persons without regular income , debtors from the BIG database will not be able to receive either an online loan or a cash loan in a standard form. This applies first of all to the most important and most popular loan companies, smaller ones will not necessarily be so restrictive.

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