Hello everyone I’m new to the forum

and I need some advice from people with experience (this post is going to be long so bare with me, please).
I want to move to South East Asia (literally any country would do). but all the information online is so contradictory and i cant say what.
I have noticed that people online tend to exaggerate a lot of the life aspects of “insert country name here”.
especially with regard to the cost of living and security.
so a little history:
first of all, im a total “sewer rat”. grew up in the worst part of naples, italy … lived in the worst part of brooklyn for 5 years and the craziest part of providence, laughed for another 2. and then i lived in probably the worst part of bangkok yai for 3+ years. when I see people say that “the cost of living for 1 month in Bangkok will cost you around $ 700”, I burst out laughing. I lived comfortably on $ 200 per month. tiny 2000thb / month one bedroom, eat 30thb cheap meals. I have no interest in traveling, the amenities, the nightlife, the food, going to the movies … nothing. I was happy to live in my 1 bedroom, in my run down area of ​​bkk. pure happiness. it’s just the kind of person that I am. if there was ever a “simple” man, it would be me. So when I ask about the cost of living, I am not asking for expat standards, I am asking for locals standards.

Unfortunately Thai immigration laws are way too strict to settle in, so much to my dismay I had to leave. was not worth it. I came back to Italy and had to go to the Philippines but … then Covid started. I’ve been stuck here ever since.
but this year and a half, for contemplation, i fell in love with ph. everyone says it’s so dangerous.
the way people talk about living in manila, it’s like living in east los angeles or something like that. Everybodys high on meth, and its full of stick up kids wanna-be bangers that’ll do you just for the fun of it.
I am moving to Asia for PEACE! if i wanted to live in a war zone i would have stayed in scampia ….
When I was in Bangkok I would roam the streets alone at 3 a.m., walking and exploring dark alleys and weird ass-back neighborhoods I’ve never been to. i like walking at night cause im a fun insomniac.its.
so I don’t think I can do that in Manila. Manila slums don’t look like Bangkok slums (or at least that’s what I’m hearing?)
You tell me!

so since the Philippines is a bit out of the way, I landed in Laos or Cambodia. which brings me to my questions:
1.) Is it true that you can stay in Laos forever on an SP-B3 visa if you get married?
2.) Is it really as hard to get married in Laos as people say online? With corrupt officials extorting thousands of dollars from you every turn?
3.) ive read an article about Cambodia that says this

Cambodia is one of the easiest countries in the world for most nationalities to obtain a visa. You can receive a one-month tourist or business visa on arrival or online, and a business visa can be extended for up to 12 months. You also don’t have to jump through crazy hoops to do it. Simply take your passport to a local travel agency with a payment of $ 280. When your year is over, all you need to do is apply for a new visa, and you can continue to do so for as long as you want to live in Cambodia.
Also note: although this is called a “business” visa, you are not required to start a business unlike many other countries.

Is it true? especially the last part? because i checked the government requirements and it says you must be hired by a Cambodian company
4.) Which is safer, in Laos or Cambodia?
5.) which is cheaper, in laos or cambodia? (Especially for someone who has no problem “slumming it” around town (within reason ….)
6.) I work online, have a steady job that pays $ 10 an hour. it is not much but for me its path is more than sufficient. I am not looking for slave work in countries getting visa. Basically, I want to find a way out to live in it, keep my job low-pressure online, and live a simple, happy, cheap life.

It is more or less that. I would like to have a more in-depth discussion with some of you who might have some experience in these areas. sorry for the long post but … this is my LIFE (I’m going to settle down somewhere for good so I have to do my homework).
my 3 years in bangkok have been the happiest of my life. Ghetto Thais embraced me fully because we have the exact same mentality and lifestyle, and I was fluent in Thai before I even moved. I felt so at home and like one of them (and if government hadn’t been so difficult, I would have stayed there forever). I know what I want! so now i’m just looking for a comparable alternative

thank you in advance

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