How did Dave find the past year? “My hard drive and everyone else’s is a different type of drive. I’m grateful to be in a position where I’m allowed to just… I’m fine. A lot of people are suffering, losing their jobs. Lives are destroyed, people lose people. It’s like something out of a horror movie. It’s dark. And I don’t think anybody won. This is the only way to describe it. It wasn’t like, ‘Yo, this thing threatens the world so the world unites’ … No. I can look at myself and know that I am stepping up my charities and the things I want to do in the community. And coming back outside, it gave me enough time to realize that this was something I had to do. The politics have become so confrontational; the world has become so divided.

In January of this year, his close friend and collaborator Fredo released his widely acclaimed album Money can not buy happiness. It was produced by Dave (Fredo befriended Dave’s older brother Christopher in prison while on remand, without realizing who he was), who also appeared on the single “Money Talks,” which peaked at number three on the UK charts (the couple had previously teamed up for their No1 debut, “Funky Friday,” in 2018). In April, Dave released a two-piece package, out of nowhere, Titanium & Mercury, whose cover, another painting, resembles the imaginary view of a spaceship’s windshield when it lands on Mars. Both songs, “Titanium” and “Mercury” – full of raw punchlines and real rap, cheeky bragging about wealth, travel, and women, but still, as always, energized by social commentary (“I a house in sticks is embarrassing / I know my neighbors vote Tory, sure ”) – were co-produced by fellow teen pianist Kyle Evans. I ask Dave if he has rediscovered the ability to create again, with his new album. “For the start of new songs, probably less, but for the finish of other songs, yes. Some songs take two, three years. So many different things and processes come with it.

PsychodramaThe pouch and merchandise were centered around a blue flame – the first element, fire, says Dave. We’re all alone in this together, with its visual reference to the sea, represents the second element, water. “I’ll probably go upwind and then land and I don’t know if I’ll go anywhere from there. It is so scary. But I’m excited, ”he says. Why is this scary? “First album, everything is so cool, getting a buzz for the first time is like ‘Wow, wow.’ Now I just realize it’s the peak on the outside … I’m naturally just a deep thinker, so it’s always going to have a dark tinge. “The shades of pink and blue on his phone screen are still clear in my mind. I can see that the cover he showed me looks as light as it is dark.” Yes. It’s that juxtaposition, I guess. The beginning is dark. But I think it’s good. I think it’s really, really good, if I take a step back and look at it objectively, compared to the first one – the way I’m programmed to think, the way the producers around me have stepped up: Kyle Evans, P2J, James Blake, Jae5. There’s a lot of work with James Blake – that’s why we were in LA. But, frankly, it’s difficult without Fraser!

We spent more than our allotted time together. I ask Dave if he has a final word. “I know in my head the album that I am creating … It is the most complex and the most complex story of a child who has just come out of all this tension and this perceived success in the general public, and an acting career, and this love of cinema, this syndrome of the main character, going back to where he comes from and where his family comes from. And it’s not just in the lyrics and the content; it’s in the production, in the sound, in the features, in the style, and using these things as a journey, character development between love interests, the way we talk about the world. C “It’s easier for me than it is a print interview – I would never say that on video. This album, God willing, will explain itself. There is magic in that! I” I feel like my first album was a concept, but it’s hot. That’s how I would put it. In this album, he’s referencing himself; he’s aware of himself- same. My life inside real life: what I’m doing, my career, musically, acting, my ambition – it’s self-awareness. When you hear who I am by track 12 versus who I was in track one, this trip, it feels like a years trip, like, ‘Yo, that person has been here, it happened, It happens, I meet this person, the slang I use, the arrogance, the voice … ‘It’s hot.

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