MENLO PARK, California, January 12, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Owl Ventures, EdTech’s largest venture capital fund, today announced the closing of $ 1 billion in new funds. Silicon Valley-based company founded in 2014 has shut down $ 640 million for its fifth fund, $ 270 million for its second Opportunity Fund, and more $ 100 million in special purpose vehicles. The new funds will further fuel Owl Ventures’ strategy of making early stage, growth and later stage investments in the world’s leading EdTech companies.

Led by CEOs Ian chiu, Tom costin, Amit Patel, Tory Patterson and partners Malvika Bhagwat, and Kate chhabra, Owl Ventures has been a major investor in many of the fastest growing companies in the global EdTech market. These include $ 1bn + ‘unicorn’ valuation companies such as Apna, BYJU’s, Degreed, Greenlight, MasterClass, Newsela, Quizlet and Stash.

The continued growth of Owl Ventures and its global portfolio through Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and Latin America is in step with the meteoric growth of the over $ 6 trillion education and training market, which is experiencing a digital revolution. The growth of blended learning, distance working, the rise of direct-to-consumer models, enterprise learning and skills, the emergence of AI-based learning, the increase in 1: 1 device programs and the rapid integration of AR / VR have all contributed to the rise of educational technology.

Owl Ventures unique insight into the global EdTech market opportunity is evidenced by their investment and relationship with BYJU, the world’s most valuable EdTech company and the most valuable start-up in India.

According to Byju Raveendran, Founder and CEO of BYJU, “Owl Ventures has been an invaluable partner for BYJU as we have grown over the years. As an EdTech Specialist, Owl is a differentiated investor who has provided unique value in many ways. many functions, including acquisitions, partnerships, talent, and international expansion. “

The new funds that Owl Ventures has raised will allow the company to continue to be a large-scale and active lead investor in the next wave of innovative global EdTech companies. As the largest fund in the EdTech industry, Owl is able to finance early stage seed companies and be a valuable partner for visionary entrepreneurs. This hands-on approach helps businesses in many functions including distribution, partnerships, talent, fundraising, and measuring results.

“By leveraging Owl’s strong global network and portfolio, we have been able to establish several key strategic partnerships that have been a tremendous catalyst for the rapid growth of our business and our positive global impact on education,” said Michael Bodekaer Jensen, Co-Founder & CEO of Labster.

Owl Ventures has continued to grow with talented team members. Malvika Bhagwat, who heads the Owl’s Outcomes and Portfolio Services platforms, was promoted to partner in 2021. Malvika works closely with portfolio companies to advance their efforts to measure effectiveness and results, as well as to establish partnerships in strategic and distribution impact with Owl’s prestigious global institutional base of sponsor partners. Malvika also directs the production of Owl’s Education Outcomes Report, which is a solid annual report that details the impact of the Owl portfolio companies.

According to Jessie Woolley Wilson, CEO of DreamBox Learning, “Owl Ventures was instrumental in guiding DreamBox from its early days to a large-scale global leader in adaptive learning technology serving the math and K12 reading market. Owl consistently and intentionally focused on student learning outcomes in our boardroom. , which has enabled our company to achieve rapid growth while remaining true to our mission of serving all students, regardless of their zip code. The wonderful professionals at Owl have been invaluable partners to me and my team and have been an integral part of our growth and success for many years. Owl has built a world-class organization designed to scale the world’s best education technology companies. There is no better VC partner we could have chosen.

About Owl Ventures
Owl Ventures is the world’s largest venture capital fund focused on the EdTech market with more than $ 2 billion in assets under management. The Silicon Valley-based company invests in the world’s leading education technology companies across the education spectrum encompassing PreK-12, Higher Education, Future of Work (Professional Mobility / Professional Learning ) and “EdTech +” (intersection of EdTech and other major industries such as FinTech and health). Owl Ventures has deep domain expertise and leverages a global network of sponsors, investors and strategic partners to help entrepreneurs transform their businesses into cutting-edge, transformative businesses. Learn more about Owl’s annual academic achievement report can be viewed at

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