Oyo State Governor Seyi Makinde on Friday reiterated his administration’s commitment to ensuring residents have adequate access to healthcare.

The Governor said so during the commissioning of the Kidney Dialysis Unit, High Dependency Unit and Diabetes Screening and Treatment Center built inside the State Hospital of ‘Adeoyo, Ring Road, Ibadan.

The projects were built and equipped with support from the Global Fund, the Afolabi family of Kaderu Compound, Ibadan and Lions Clubs International, District 404 B1, Nigeria.

The governor also inspected six primary health care centers out of the approximately 200 primary health care centers already renovated in the state’s 351 electoral districts.

Speaking at Adeoyo State Hospital, Ring Road, he said: “The Oyo State Ministry of Health, with the support of the Global Fund, has set up this dialysis center renal, and this unit, today, is unveiled by me this Friday, June 10, 2022, for use.

“I’ve been asked to give a week for consumables and all that and I’m coming back to see it actually works.

“This highly dependent unit came mainly from the resources of the Afolabi family and the Oyo State government, as well as the Global Fund.

“This unit, which we can start using almost immediately, is being unveiled.

They can move staff and we want that to be functional.

“The Afolabi family has also promised that they are ready to do more and support us more if we demonstrate that we can handle this, and I think the Oyo State Government and the Health Family will not tell you. won’t let go.

“I will also personally make sure to come here incognito and all I see is what I will tell the people of Oyo State.”

“So, I would like on behalf of the government and people of Oyo State to thank the Afolabi family as well as the Global Fund.”