After completing his freshman year of college, Miller was one of 500 naval aviators recalled to active service for the Korean War. He knew, however, that he wanted to do something first. He wanted to marry Peggy. So he proposed and she said yes.

Soon after, he was dispatched to Pearl Harbor and was eventually stationed in Yokosuka, Japan, while serving on a transporter as a catapult and stopping equipment operator. He never flew despite his love for flying, but he enjoyed his time with his fellow Marines during the war. But he knew he wanted to get married as soon as his tour was over.

So when he had his break he came back and married Peggy. He had $ 3,400 to his name and he spent every penny on the wedding and the honeymoon.

“It was worth every penny,” he said.

Mr. Miller saved every letter his fiance and future wife Peggy sent him during the Korean War. She also kept every letter he sent her as pictured here on her kitchen table.

Thomas Lott / Independent tribune

He still had to return to serve and spent his last five months on the USS Princeton before sustaining an injury and eventually coming home to spend the next 66 years with Peggy.

Together, they had two children and returned to the property where Peggy grew up.

“She always wanted to live here, so I bought 15 acres and added (a little later) and we have 31 acres here,” he said. “It meant a lot to her and we moved here in 1956. She passed away last year. And I miss her. She was smart as a whip and I was crazy as hell. I wasn’t that bad. I haven’t done anything so bad, I just had a lot of fun.

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