Every three months, we stack a bunch of GQ publisher-approved goodies in a box: menswear essentials, high-end grooming products, gear we want for ourselves. Then we ship this GQ Best Stuff Box, which is always worth it manner more than it costs — to your house. (You can see more details here, although that’s the gist.) But today marks a big step forward for the GQ Best Stuff Box. Why? ‘Cause we’re dropping our very first limited edition Box, a collection we like to call “The Future of Grooming.

What does the Future of Grooming Box contain? Good question. When we decided to make a limited edition grooming box, we did it in a selfish way. The 13 products in the Box are the result of countless hours of research and testing (and rejection). These are the products – from a fancy toothbrush to a $ 110 eye balm – that we kept coming back to when we stood in front of the mirror or in the shower. So we packed them all in one tidy box and made a hell of a deal.

That’s because the Future of Grooming Box Limited Edition contains over $ 390 in merchandise—three hundred and ninety dollars! —From some of the industry’s most cutting-edge brands. And it’s a limited edition because, well, we don’t make a lot of these boxes.

So what is it going to cost you? It depends.

If you’re not a GQ Best Stuff Box subscriber, the Future of Grooming Box Limited Edition costs $ 150. (It’s still a steal, considering what’s inside would sell for $ 390.)

But what if you’re already a GQ Best Stuff Box subscriber? You will only pay $ 75.

(This is where we’ll note that each GQ Best Stuff Box costs just $ 50, and a full year subscription – with 4 boxes – only costs $ 190. You can do the math there … )

Click below and you will be able to see everything we have packed in this limited edition Future of Grooming box and you really understand why it is theft.

The Future of Best Stuff Box Grooming

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