Happy Friday Fashion Icons! Another new week means a whole host of new releases, collaborations and exciting fashion initiatives for us. Just in time for a mini heatwave here in the UK (yes, we’re making 23C like a heatwave – we’re taking what we can get) we’ve got new summer collections from Paco Rabanne, Palace and Gant, in partnership with Liberty Fabrics, as well as Givenchy and Lacoste sneakers. There’s a fun new campaign featuring Bella Hadid in Swarovski crystals and wholesome ads about Gucci’s gender equality campaigners and the BFC announcing its new generation of talent that it will be supporting. Here’s what’s trending.

Image courtesy of Gant.

Gant and Liberty Fabrics are getting groovy, baby!

When American sportswear brand Gant teamed up with British luxury textile maker Liberty Fabrics, they manifested the 70s in a collection of shirts and dresses in soft, silky fabrics adorned with stunning prints. Some have trippy nature prints so detailed that you notice a new element in the design every time you look closely. Others have funkadelic waves in groovy tones and others are almost Studio Ghibli-esque in their stunning mountain scenes. You can very well see how the union of fabric makers known for their intricate floral designs and Gant’s casual touch have come together to create something special. Keep an eye out for the collection when it launches May 19, 2022. MRS

Givenchy designed the “dream shoe”

Sneakerheads! Your attention please. A must-have new pair of fashion-forward trainers has landed courtesy of Givenchy. Yes, as part of their Pre-Fall 2022 collection, the Parisian team home launches the TK-360 – a shoe described as creative director Matthew M. Williams’ “dream shoe”, according to a statement from the house. If that in itself wasn’t enough to convince you to go cop IMMEDIATELY, then perhaps it’s worth mentioning that the chic sneaker, which debuted on the SS22 runway, boasts cutting-edge technology in the manufacturing process. The clue is in the name, with the ‘360’ referring to the shoe’s all-knit construction – which even wraps around the sole! Available in classic black or white as well as seasonal shades of acid yellow, graphite grey, camel beige, navy blue and light pink, the result is a very directional and gothic pair of trainers. Get yours here today! XL

Lacoste’s New Tennis Shoe We 30-Love

More trainer news for all of you! Lacoste has launched two new shoes from its summer collection that celebrate the sport for which the French brand’s founder was famous. In tribute to tennis player René Lacoste, the L001 and L002 are ready for the court. The L001 takes the brand’s heritage styles and brings them into modern times with subtle nods to the sport like details on the side of the shoe reminiscent of the throat of a racquet (yes that’s the official term for this triangle between the handle and the mesh). The L002 is then for the most daring girls, a shoe like the L001 but only in women’s sizes and with a chunky sole and exaggerated styling. A slightly offbeat movie promoting the fun shoe celebrates the excitement of the unexpected with an intense series of chaotic events that could easily fit into the movie Everything everywhere all at once. We give it five stars on Letterboxd. Check out both shoe options online now! XL

Palace goes to the year 2000 for its SS22 collection

Although we’re currently browsing trends and “hearts” at breakneck speed thanks to TikTok, a nostalgic style has become a mainstay in our wardrobe over the past few seasons. Early 2000s styles aren’t going anywhere anytime soon and Palace’s new SS22 collection features a host of cute oversized jerseys and baggy bottoms to create your Sk8er Boi aesthetic. Our favorites from the new drops include rhinestone velor tracksuits in pastel hues that we definitely would have spotted 20 years ago on Paris Hilton; sporty sham graphic tees, monogrammed boxer-style shorts, Greek art-infused jeans and snake-print shirts for your Britney at the VMA couple’s costume, and two-tone jackets and hoodies bold with kitschy cartoons and Y2K flames sprinkled over every inch. There’s also a boat shoe in collaboration with Sperry – the 80-year-old brand known for its yacht-friendly footwear – which sees a fun Palace print on the canvas body. Finally, you also have elements to equip your home, from cartoon cushions to golden napkins with a Palace pattern, passing through cups, skateboards and even a rubik’s cube, because why not? Launching online today, find out all at palaceskateboards.com. XL

The BFC have announced their next generation of talent

Within the fashion industry, London has a proud reputation as a source of exciting new talent. One of the initiatives shaping that reputation is, of course, NEWGEN, the BFC-run incubation program behind some of the city’s most successful names. Yesterday, at a ceremony held at the Design Museum in Kensington, the 2022 winners were announced. Recognized for their “creativity, strong design aesthetic and point of difference”, notable additions to this year’s list include Sinéad O’Dwyer, a womenswear designer whose work has sparked candid conversations about standards body poisons from fashion since graduating from RCA in 2018, and Masha Popova, a designer who innovatively cut clothes steeped in the year 2000, earned her the attention of darlings of the industry like Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid. Here is the complete list of this year’s talented group: Ahluwalia, ANCUȚA SARCA, ASAI, Bethany Williams, Chet Lo, Conner Ives, DI PETSA, EFTYCHIA, FEBEN, HARRI, HELEN KIRKUM, Jawara Alleyne, Labrum London, Leo Carlton, MASHA POPOVA , Nensi Dojaka, Paolo Carzana, ROBYN LYNCH, ROKER, SSDALEY, SAUL NASH, Sinéad O’Dwyer, Stefan Cooke, yuhan wang. MRS

Which Bella Hadid vibe for Swarovski are you?

Speaking of Bella Hadid, she just fell another bewitching campaign! Rather than a fashion house, however, her latest featured turn is for Austrian crystal house Swarovski. Shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, and designed by creative director Giovanna Engelbert, it sees Bella captured in six brightly colored frames, channeling six distinct moods. A baby blue lens brings out Bohemian Bella, while pink brings out her softer side. The yellow gives us a sporty Bella, while the clear white makes it glamorous. “Bella Hadid epitomizes the individualistic and transformative attitude of a new global generation,” Giovanna says of the singular supermodel. “He is a multi-faceted character who escapes the boxes of rules and conformity. She goes from sporty to glamorous while remaining the same girl – the same Bella – with confidence and authority. In this sense, it perfectly conveys the values ​​of Swarovski. Today, crystals are an integral part of our everyday wardrobe: a way to accentuate your individual style in a way that can be as casual as it is elaborate. Bella is the poster child for this state of mind. Trust us, this is the one we’re trying to get into! MRS


Image courtesy of Gucci.

Gucci has grants and a platform for those fighting for gender equality

When the revelation that the United States Supreme Court is considering potentially dismantling Roe vs. Wade and ensuring that abortion is no longer protected by federal law, while we were all distracted by the glamorous and golden looks of the Met Gala, fashion can often seem inconsequential in our current political and social climate. But there are brands that are using their platform for good and Gucci has announced the latest edition of their Chime Zine, a publication amplifying the voices of those calling for gender equality, as well as the activists and organizations that will receive their Chime for Change grants this year. The Chime Zine will feature stories about the stigma of obesity around the world, the role of women in the Indian Farmer Protests, discrimination and activism in South America’s trans community and how disability and gender intersect as well as other unmistakable features showing how people are rising to patriarchal power around the world. You can access it digitally on Gucci Equilibrium before a print version is released later this month. Meanwhile, Chime for Change grants pledged to fund and support BEAWARENOW, an Italian charity focused on gender-based violence; Equality Now, which lobbies for legal change in the Middle East, South Asia and North Africa; the Global Fund for Women, a collective that in turn supports five other feminist funds; mothers2mothers, which develops health care for women and children in Ghana; Ms. Foundation for Women, a grassroots organization advocating for systemic change for people of color; and finally Promundo, Kerring’s Global Boyhood Initiative. XL

Look 1.jpg

Image courtesy of Paco Rabanne.

Paco Rabanne’s new collection is for a hot girl summer

If, like us, the sun ultimately you’ve already planned your summer getaways and booked weeks off for both sunbathing and lounging by a pool, so you’ll need a brand new suitcase full of looks to wear while you stroll through hot European cities or you flirt with flirt A lifeguard. For that, you need look no further than Paco Rabanne’s Summer Holiday capsule collection. There’s the tropical influences of reggae music and the Hawaiian aesthetic of ’50s vacations, alongside a nostalgic reflection of the brand’s ’70s style under Jane Birkin. Think: cropped t-shirts with gathered fringing on a center ring and groovy touches in botanical prints resembling peacocks, lovely wooden jewelry, button-up dresses in bright orange hues and tops adorned with stunning sunsets. sun. So hot! Looking at the campaign footage, we can almost taste the margarita in our tanned hands. Discover the entire collection on pacorabanne.com. XL

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