A: I’ve heard that some people may have said nasty things about me because of the racial divide, but I’ve never had a direct confrontation with anyone. If anything, some people might have thought that we are a rural farming area, we are really not looking for someone who is a professor of theology. I brought missionary priests called fidei donum priests from Nigeria and Uganda who are still here. There were times when people seemed unwelcoming.

Q: Do you think you were sent here to correct a loophole in the foundation?

Q: Anyway, did you move the needle on the run?

A: Yes. At the same time, I would say that was not my main goal. My main goal was to serve God’s people as a good and faithful priest and bishop, and to build the church by helping people grow in their Catholic identity and education. One phrase I use almost every time I visit a ward is the phrase, “Learn your faith, love your faith, live your faith. And in this context, part of learning your faith is learning about the dignity and worth of every human person, which in this context addresses racial prejudice, racism, dignity, the value of unborn life. , the value of a person’s life on line death. If you do this, you will find that your faith prompts you not to support prejudice, prejudice, or racism.

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