Fayette County authorities arrested a local man for domestic incidents in two towns on the same day.

Just before 6:30 p.m. Tuesday (June 8), the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a domestic assault in Elgin. As MPs investigated this incident, another disturbance call involving the same suspect was reported, but this time it was in Clermont.

Officers eventually arrested David Gyorko, 37, of Elgin. He is charged with attempted burglary, domestic violence and strangulation, two counts of prohibited driving and driving a motor vehicle without insurance.
Gyorko was taken to Fayette County Jail and detained until his appearance before a magistrate.

Another car crash with a deer was investigated by the Fayette County Sheriff. Authorities received a report of the crash around 5 p.m. Sunday, near the intersection of Highway 18 and County Road V-68, northwest of Hawkeye. MPs who responded discovered that a vehicle driven by Christopher Rolland, 48, of Clermont, was heading east on Highway 18, when a deer entered the roadway and crashed into the car. Rolland was not injured, but his car sustained damage of $ 10,000.

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