Beaumont’s mother said the bullet was found in the area where she keeps food for her 4-year-old daughter.

BEAUMONT, Texas – A woman from Beaumont was shaken after a stray bullet went through her roof and landed at her home on New Years Eve.

Beaumont resident Shalon Marks attributes the incident to people firing guns into the air to celebrate the New Year. She said the bullet could have killed her 4-year-old daughter.

“What if I was home when it happened,” Marks said.

Marks said his family dodged a bullet while spending New Years Eve at his mother’s house. Arriving home on Saturday night, she first noticed pieces of drywall on her kitchen counter.

The discovery that followed surprised her.

“I noticed the hole first and looked around to try and see what could have gone through, and I saw the ball,” Marks said.

Marks found the bullet in the area where she is keeping food for her 4-year-old daughter. The mother said she couldn’t help but think about what might have happened if they had been home.

“What if we would have been home,” Marks said. “She would have been going back and forth, ‘Mom, can I have this? Mom can I have this? And she would have been there in that cabinet. “

Marks feels frustrated at not knowing who is responsible for potentially putting his daughter’s life in danger. Mother Beaumont sees no point in shooting in the air, especially in residential areas.

“It’s a pretty big hole,” Marks said. “If it was a person, my child, it could have been really bad, really, really bad. We must do better because it could cost the lives of innocent people. “

According to gun safety specialists, shooting in the air with a handgun or rifle can send a bullet up to a quarter of a mile. To put it in perspective, specialists said a bullet fired at the corner of College Street and 11th Street could travel far enough to injure or kill someone past the Interstate 10 bridge.

“This gun would fire a bullet at the Interstate 10 bridge with enough energy to kill a full-sized human adult,” said Doc Watson, gun safety specialist.

Shooting guns within city limits is reckless, dangerous and could cost someone life, Watson said.

“These rounds could reach all the way to the Parkdale Mall,” Watson said. “And how much damage could dozens of bullets cause when falling in an area like Parkdale or a neighborhood.”

Shalon Marks believes God was watching over her and her family on New Years Eve. She originally planned to be home with her children that night.

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