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Apply for a small loan : You need short-term and urgent money? Then a small loan is ideal for you! All information for a mini loan or small loan in Austria can be found here! Visit for a summary

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  • How do you get a microcredit?
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Mini Loan with Immediate Payment Record

 Mini Loan with Immediate Payment Record

Cashper offers credit in minutes for a maximum of € 600 online. You can take these small loans with a duration of 15, 30 or 60 days. Here you will find all the details of this offer !

What is behind the term small loan or mini loan. In practice, a small loan of € 500 to a maximum of € 3,000 is awarded. In banking, the theoretical maximum loan amount is € 10,000.

One calls this credit also housewife credit. In fact, the small loan is a installment loan, which differs from the conventional installment credit only by the lower loan amount. The credit line is too expensive. The alternative is the microcredit. With cheaper rates and sometimes low monthly installments, this type of loan is very popular with individuals. For the customer, the terms, the amount of interest and the amount of the installments are decisive. These criteria are taken into account when comparing the different providers.

If a purchase is due for a new car, an expensive repair or the like, this solution is optimal. Each online provider works with different conditions, so that a comparison on the Internet is definitely worthwhile. The loan calculator of the banks gives the customer detailed information on the Internet, which bank calculates how much interest. The possibility exists to get a small loan without Schufa query, but mostly from foreign banks. The EU guidelines of the banks in Austria are similar to those in Germany, while Swiss banks act somewhat differently. What Schufa is in Germany is the KSV (Credit Protection Association) in Austria.


Direct Banking

The direct banks offer very cheap small loans with good conditions. The processing of the loan request is handled quickly and quickly by the direct banks. After just one day or even a few hours, the loan can already be approved and the loan amount transferred to the customer. A mini loan of 300.00 Euro can be taken for 60 days. Two installments are granted, the total amount repaid amounts in the example mentioned to 302.84 euros.


Loan Sums of Small or Mini Loans

The amount of the small loan varies from bank to bank. Up to 3.000,00 Euro one speaks in any case of a small loan. The standard amount is between 200 and 3,000.00 euros. For higher loan amounts direct banks are recommended. Loans without Schufa query are offered numerous on the Internet. A proof of income is enough. These loans are more expensive and harder to get. A credit check is made anyway. Often then a budget should be presented. This means that all revenue and expenditure over the past three months must be accurately stated.


Line of Credit

Small loans are usually used if the collection is overdrawn on further use. The result is huge interest rates. The credit line is thus much less favorable than a microcredit. Therefore, some consumers use the microcredit to offset the dispo on the checking account . Because of the exorbitant high interest calculation, this idea is not so bad. The small loans that are awarded with Schufa query and proof of income, usually have even cheaper interest rates than larger installment loans.

Due to the low loan amounts the risks are foreseeable, the interest charges are therefore calculated more favorably. For example, some direct banks only grant small loans that are treated as overdraft facilities. The monthly installments can be paid by the customer according to his payouts. 5% interest is currently the standard rate. Cashper awards only mini loans with a term of one or two months.


How do you get a Microcredit?


How do you get a Microcredit?


Small loans are usually not so easy to get from the house bank. You are equal to the installment credits in the settlement mode. Due to the smaller amount and the large number of people seeking credit, the house banks are reluctant to grant these loans. The savings banks offer small loans temporarily as an action. The customer then uses the Internet to make sense, because the direct banks or other lenders offer small or mini loans. There is a huge selection of money lenders here. Caution is advised, not every provider on the Internet is reputable. For some consumers, a bad Schufa entry of a borrower is in the way. Loans without KSV query (Schufa) are mostly offered by foreign banks (eg Swiss Credit ). This type of loan approval is usually accompanied by a high interest rate, because the risk is greater.

Whatever type of credit the consumer uses, the iron rule is: never pay pre-payments. This approach is extremely dubious, usually there is no credit, at most a positive credit approval, which must be confirmed by the respective banks yet. The money is gone and there is 99 percent of a credit. If no flash transfer or normal transfer is offered, but the bank documents are sent by cash on delivery, be careful. The COD charge is usually at the 100.00 Euro, in the package is worthless promotional material and a loan commitment never takes place. Small loans from private to private have recently been advertised on the Internet.

A broker mediates contact from the borrower to the lender. Here, the Schufa is not the most important source of information, but the monthly cash receipts on the account of the debtor. Of course, this type of money lending is more intended for small loans. A larger loan will be harder to get from private to private. The request and loan approval can be realized within one day.


What is to be Considered?



When comparing the loans per online, the interest charges, the terms and the monthly installments are to be considered. Long maturities for small loans are advisable as the monthly burdens are lower. It is usually possible to pay larger sums when the financial situation has improved. For employees, the Christmas or holiday money can be used to pay off the loan early. For a mini-loan, the term is usually 60 days or two monthly installments.

There can be serious differences in small loans. The comparison portals, for example, announce the ten best banks. Under these banks, the customer can then choose which bank appeals to their terms and conditions. A good indication is also that the consumer enters the loan amount and amount of installments in a mask. Then the most important information that should be considered for lending appears. Decisive in the credit inquiry is whether a Schufa query should be avoided. In this case, far more interest charges can be expected. Small loans without proof of income are very hard to get, almost hopeless. Often the interest charge depends on the creditworthiness of the customer. Reputable banks grant a right of withdrawal and free cancellation.

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